Performance of MAGIC GO

I think it is not something to be written again,
but MAGIC GO is not only Dog Magic.

MAGIC GO has strong potential to cater to various scenes,
from close-up to illusions.

So, how many kinds of magic can MAGIC GO perform?

There is a story like this

A renowned magician asked a newcomer magician,
"How many kinds of magic can you do?"

"I can do 300 kinds of card magic"

The renowned magician replied 
"No matter how many kindsof card magic you can do,
you're still only able to do a single type of magic--card magic.
How many kinds of magic can you do?"

How about MAGIC GO?

Needless to say, close-up is cards and coins,
but it can also be said that any small things
lying around such as cups and balls, pens,
and keys are all types of magic as well.

How about dazzling illusions on a stage?

Escape, disappearing, appearing, switching... 
These are not just reproductions of phenomenon. 
He performs illusions using fine products
by builders which any magician
would be envious of and custom-made tools.

Those are GO's unbeatable performances
learned at the original site in America.

Counting the types is only possible
by multiplication, not adding.

There are many kinds of Magician,
from the cardician who specializes in cards,
the manipulator who uses his fingertips,
the mentalist who is skilled at giving a psychological magic show,
and the illusionist who uses large props on a stage, to name a few. 

However, MAGIC GO combines all these into what can surely
be called The Magician. 

Do you know the magician card in the tarot?

The magician's symbol in the tarot has "infinity" drawn on it.

It may be foolish to ask GO
"how many types of magic can you do?"